Absorbent Paper Points .04 & .06 Tapered 60/pk – Meta

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Absorbent Paper Points .04 & .06 Tapered 60/pk by: – Meta

Absorbent Paper Points .04 & .06 Tapered 60/pk – Meta are essential tools for dental professionals seeking precision and efficiency during endodontic procedures. These high-quality, taper paper points are design to aid in the drying and disinfection of root canals, ensuring optimal results in dental treatments. Craft with precision and manufactur by Meta, a trust name in dental supplies, these paper points are an indispensable addition to any dental practice.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Absorption: The Absorbent Paper Points boast excellent moisture-absorbing properties, effectively wicking away excess fluids and ensuring a dry working environment. This is crucial for achieving optimal adhesion and sealing during endodontic procedures.
  2. Tapered Design: These paper points feature a taper design with both .04 and .06 taper options, allowing dental professionals to choose the appropriate size for each specific case. The taper facilitates easy access to the root canal system, making the procedure more efficient and comfortable for both the dentist and the patient.
  3. Premium Quality: Manufactured by Meta, a renown name in the dental industry, these paper points are made from high-quality, medical-grade paper that is highly absorbent and resistant to shredding. They meet strict quality standards, ensuring reliable performance with each use.
  4. Convenient Packaging: Each package contains 60 individual paper points, providing an ample supply for multiple procedures. The compact packaging is design for easy storage and retrieval, making them readily available whenever needed.
  5. Sterile and Color-Coded: These paper points are steriliz for immediate use, eliminating the need for additional preparation steps. They are also color-coded for quick identification, streamlining the workflow in a busy dental practice.

Absorbent Paper Points .04 & .06 Taper 60/pk – Meta are indispensable tools for endodontic procedures, offering superior absorption, precision, and convenience. With their taper design, premium quality, and steriliz packaging, they help dental professionals achieve optimal results in root canal treatments. Trust in Meta’s reputation for excellence and equip your practice with these essential paper points to enhance your dental procedures and patient outcomes.

Absorbent Paper Points Tapered .04 & .06 – Meta

  • Hand rolled for extra absorbency
  • Rigid enough to insert in canals without curling or bending
  • Rolled firmly to hold shape when withdrawn from the canal
  • Highly absorbant
  • Sterilized individual packages
  • Variety sizes and packages available
  • color coded

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.04 #15, .04 #15-40, .04 #20, .04 #25, .04 #30, .04 #35, .04 #40, .06 #20, .06 #25, .06 #30, .06 #35, .06 #40

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