Bite Block Protector Covers Pano 1″x2″ 1,000/bx. – Palmero

Bite Block Covers from Palmero are clear, convenient plastic barriers for use with pano x-ray machine bite blocks. Economical way to reduce cross-contamination, eliminating the need for disinfection or sterilization. Latex-free.

Contains: 1000/bx


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Bite Block Protector Covers Pano 1″x2″ 1,000/bx. by: – Palmero

The Bite Block Protector Covers Pano 1″x2″ are specializ dental accessories craft to enhance the patient experience during panoramic X-ray imaging. They are design to fit over dental bite blocks, creating a barrier between the patient and the equipment, ensuring hygiene and patient comfort throughout the procedure. Each box contains 1,000 covers, making it a cost-effective and practical choice for any dental clinic.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Protection: These protector covers are construct from high-quality, medical-grade materials, ensuring they effectively shield patients from direct contact with the bite block. This not only maintains hygiene standards but also enhances patient trust and satisfaction.
  2. Universal Fit: With dimensions of 1″x2″, these covers are versatile and compatible with most dental bite blocks, making them suitable for a wide range of X-ray machines. Their ease of use ensures a smooth workflow for dental professionals.
  3. Bulk Packaging: The 1,000 covers per box offer convenience, reducing the need for frequent restocking. This bulk packaging is both economical and efficient, ensuring your clinic always has an ample supply on hand.
  4. Comfort and Safety: The Bite Block Protector Covers are designed to be gentle on patients’ mouths, providing a comfortable experience during X-ray procedures. Their soft and pliable material ensures that patients won’t experience any discomfort or irritation.
  5. Hygienic Assurance: Maintaining stringent infection control measures is paramount in any healthcare setting. These protector covers help prevent cross-contamination, safeguarding both patients and dental staff from potential risks.

The Bite Block Protector Covers Pano 1″x2″ by Palmero are an indispensable accessory for dental practices, ensuring patient comfort, hygiene, and safety during panoramic X-ray procedures. Their universal fit, bulk packaging, and quality construction make them a practical choice, while their focus on patient comfort and infection control demonstrates Palmero’s commitment to providing top-notch dental accessories. Upgrade your Bite Block Protector dental clinic today with these protector covers to enhance your patient care and streamline your workflow.

Bite Block Covers Disposable 1000/Bx – Palmero

Features and Benefits:
• Clear
• Reduces cross-contamination
• Latex-free

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