Curved Utility Syringe 12cc 50/bx. – Mark3

Curved Syringes from MARK3 designed for use with rubber base and silicone impression material but equally applicable for flushing and irrigating pockets, periodontal procedures, placing prophy paste, application of fluoride, packing surgical dressing and home care by patients.

Contains: 50 Syringes


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Curved Utility Syringe 12cc 50/bx. by: MARK3

Mark3’s Curved Utility Syringe, a technical dental tool, simplifies dental procedures. Its defining feature, an ergonomic curved design, offers unparalleled control and precision during injections. This syringe primarily delivers local anaesthesia, ensuring minimal patient discomfort during dental treatments.

Key Features:

  1. Ergonomic Curved Design: Carefully engineered for comfort and reduced hand fatigue during prolonged procedures, this unique syringe design provides exceptional control and precision.
  2. 12cc Capacity: With a generous 12cc power, this syringe underrates the need for regular refills, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time.
  3. Smooth and Accurate Injections: Mark3’s Curved Utility Syringe features a smooth, precise plunger movement, guaranteeing consistent and accurate injections, minimizing the risk of over- or under-dosage.
  4. Disposable and Sterile: Each box contains 50 individually wrapped, disposable syringes, eliminating the need for time-consuming sterilization processes. This enhances convenience and prioritizes patient safety.
  5. High-Quality Construction: Crafted from durable, medical-grade materials, this syringe withstands the rigours of daily dental practice, meeting strict quality standards to ensure reliability and longevity.

Dental treatments are revolutionized by Mark3’s Curved Utility Syringe 12cc, which gives dentists accuracy, efficiency, and patient comfort. This syringe’s ergonomic shape and sophisticated features make it an invaluable weapon in your toolbox, whether you’re giving anaesthesia for simple operations or involved ones like routine cleanings.

Curved Utility Syringe 12cc 50/bx. – MARK3


• Disposable, non-sterile syringes
• Designed for surgical site and post-surgical home irrigation
• Can also be used with silicone and rubber based
impression materials for intra-oral delivery


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