Dentin Desensitizer 10ml – Mark3

MARK3 Dentin Desensitizer 10ml

  • Can be used for desensitization of amalgam restorations, either conventional or bonded. It helps kill bacteria, alter nerve responses and aids bonding primers in penetrating etched dentin.
  • MARK3 Desensitizer contains benzalkonium chloride, HEMA and fluoride as an added source of fluoride ion.
  • MARK3 Desensitizer is very effective when applied to vital crown preparations prior to luting with Glass Ionomer and Zinc Phosphate cements. It may also be used at the preparatory appointment to desensitize during temporization. Complete desensitization will result in nearly all preparations when Lapiss is used properly in conjunction with these cements.
  • The application of MARK3 Desensitizer reliably reduces post-op sensitivity by supporting the collagen framework for easier penetration of the adhesive, thus enhancing the dentin bond. Most dentin bonding materials such as: All Bond 2, Optibond, Scothbond, etc. will benefit from the application of Lapiss.
  • MARK3 Desensitizer can be used to eliminate post-op sensitivity under standard amalgam restorations. When using MARK3 Desensitizer, minimize contact with soft tissue and rinse well at completion of desensitization procedure. This will reduce the chance of mild soft tissue irritation

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Dentin Desensitizer 10ml by –: Mark3

The Dentin Desensitizer 10ml by Mark3 is a cutting-edge dental solution formulat to target and eliminate tooth sensitivity, making your daily oral care routine more enjoyable and pain-free. It is a gel-bas desensitizer that can be easily appli by dental professionals or used as part of your at-home oral hygiene regimen.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Desensitizing Formula: The Mark3 Dentin Desensitizer boasts an advanc formula that works effectively to block the transmission of pain signals from the tooth’s nerves to the brain. This helps provide rapid relief from tooth sensitivity.
  2. Long-lasting Relief: Say goodbye to the temporary fixes. Mark3’s Dentin Desensitizer offers long-lasting protection against sensitivity by creating a durable barrier on the tooth’s surface. This ensures your comfort throughout the day, even when consuming hot or cold beverages.
  3. Easy Application: The 10ml gel comes in a convenient applicator, making it easy for dental professionals to precisely target sensitive areas or for individuals to apply at home. Its simple application process ensures hassle-free usage.
  4. Minimizes Tooth Sensitivity After Dental Procedures: Following dental treatments such as teeth whitening, scaling, or dental fillings, tooth sensitivity can often be a side effect. Mark3’s Dentin Desensitizer is an excellent post-treatment solution to minimize discomfort and ensure a smoother recovery.
  5. Compatible with Other Dental Products: This versatile desensitizer is compatible with other dental products like fluoride treatments, toothpaste, or dental bonding agents. It seamlessly integrates into your oral care routine without disrupting your existing dental regimen.

Whether you’re a dental professional seeking a reliable solution for your patients or an individual looking to regain control over your sensitive teeth, the Dentin Desensitizer 10ml by Mark3 is your answer. With its advanc formula, easy application, and long-lasting relief, it ensures a comfortable and pain-free experience, allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of life without tooth sensitivity holding you back.

Manufacturer: MARK3

MARK3 Dentin Desensitizer is a superior desensitizer that can be plac under dental cements or other restorative materials, temporary, provisional, or final. It can be used in all restorative procedures where work in done in dentin. It has been shown to improve bond strength when used as a wetting agent, as compar to water.

Does NOT contain Glutaraldehyde, a strong toxic irritant.

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