Ez Vps Impression Putty 600ml – Mark3

EZ VPS Putty from MARK3 is designed to deliver consistently precise impressions every time. Formulated to be reliable, with excellent consistency, dimensional stability, and accuracy.

Contains: 300ml Base, 300ml Catalyst and color coded scoops



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Ez Vps Impression Putty 600ml by: MARK3

The Ez VPS Impression Putty 600ml is a high-quality dental. Impression material designed to capture precise dental impressions quickly and efficiently. It is an indispensable tool for dentists, prosthodontists, and dental technicians, streamlining the process of creating moulds for various dental prosthetics. Here are five key features that set this product apart:

1. Exceptional Accuracy: The Ez VPS Impression Putty boasts remarkable dimensional stability, ensuring that every detail of the patient’s dental anatomy is faithfully reproduced. This accuracy minimizes the need for retakes and adjustments, saving both time and resources.

2. Fast Setting Time: This product offers a rapid setting time, allowing you to complete impressions swiftly and effectively. With a quick setup, you can optimize your workflow and increase patient comfort by reducing the time required for intraoral procedures.

3. Superior Flexibility: Mark3’s Ez VPS Impression Putty is formulated to exhibit excellent flexibility, making it easy to remove the impression from the patient’s mouth without distortion or discomfort. The material adapts effortlessly to the dental arch, ensuring a snug fit.

4. Exceptional Tear Strength: Dental impressions often require precise and delicate handling. With its exceptional tear strength, this impression putty minimizes the risk of tearing or distortion during removal, ensuring a flawless mold for further dental work.

5. High Compatibility: The Ez VPS Impression Putty is compatible with a wide range of dental tray systems and mixing techniques, providing dental professionals with the flexibility to use their preferred methods while achieving outstanding results.

EZ VPS Impression Putty

MARK3 EZ VPS Putty has all the attributes of a great putty. High elastic memory, great consistency, unmatched dimensional stability, and a stick-free formula. Reproduces intricate details with accuracy, while also being highly distortion resistant. Available in variable working times providing maximum flexibility.

Features and Benefits

  • Kneadable
  • Very high viscosity.
  • Non-sticky formula.
  • Exceptional dimensional stability.
  • High elastic memory.


  • Trade Name: MARK3 EZ VPS Impression Putty
  • Manufacturer: MARK3 Dental Products
  • Category: Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) Bite Registration Material
  • Component(s): Base and catalyst
  • Color: Blue Base/ White Catalyst
  • Physical State: Viscous Fluid
  • Set: Regular and Fast Set
  • Working Time: Regular Set – 2 min, Fast Set – 1 min
  • Setting Time Regular Set – 4 mins 30 set, Fast Set – 3 min


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Regular Set, Fast Set

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