Gutta Percha Points 120/pk – Meta

Gutta Percha Points from Meta save time with easy filling. Used for faster and easier root canal obturation. Available in variable tapers and sizes. Length markings available.

Contains – 120 per pack


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Gutta Percha Points 120/pk by: – Meta

Gutta percha is a natural rubber material that has been a cornerstone in endodontics for decades. It plays a pivotal role in sealing and filling the root canal system, preventing reinfection and preserving the structural integrity of the tooth. Gutta percha points, like our Meta brand, are tapered, flexible, and radiopaque, making them ideal for obturating the root canal system effectively.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Taper: Our Gutta Points are precision-tapered, ensuring an optimal fit within the root canal space. This taper allows for excellent flow and adaptation, enhancing the sealing ability of the material.
  2. Meta Brand Quality: Meta is synonymous with quality in the dental industry, and our Gutta Points live up to this reputation. Manufactured with the highest-grade materials, they are reliable and consistent in performance.
  3. Versatile Sizing: The pack contains 120 Gutta Percha Points, providing a comprehensive range of sizes to accommodate various canal configurations. From small to large canals, Meta Gutta Points have you covered.
  4. Radiopacity: Meta Gutta Points are radiopaque, ensuring easy detection on X-rays. This feature is essential for post-treatment evaluation and assessment of the obturation quality.
  5. Flexible and Resilient: These Gutta Points exhibit exceptional flexibility and resilience, allowing for easy manipulation during placement while maintaining their shape stability. This ensures minimal stress on the tooth and excellent sealing properties.

The “Gutta Percha Points 120/pk – Meta” is a must-have for endodontists and dental practitioners looking for a reliable, high-quality solution for root canal obturation. With precision taper, versatility in sizing, radiopacity, and superior flexibility, these Gutta Points simplify and elevate your endodontic procedures. Trust Meta for excellence in endodontics and experience the difference in every root canal treatment.

Gutta Percha Points 120/pk  – Meta

  • Time saving with easy filling
  • For faster and easier root canal obturation
  • Variable taper and sizes
  • Length marking available
  • Long shelf life and freshness assured
  • Suitable for vertical and lateral condensation

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