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Premium Bite Registration Trays designed for counter impressions and bite registrations. These are high quality trays that deliver accurate and consistent results.


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Premium Bite Registration Trays by: MARK3

The Mark3 Premium Bite Registration Trays are specially crafted tools also used by dentists and dental professionals to record precise bite registrations, essential for creating accurate dental prosthetics and occlusal adjustments. These trays are constructed using high-quality materials and innovative design principles, ensuring a seamless and reliable bite registration process.

Key Features:

  1. Ergonomic Design for Patient Comfort: The Mark3 trays are designed with patient comfort in mind. Their ergonomic shape and also soft edges minimize discomfort during the impression process, encouraging relaxed jaw positioning and reducing patient anxiety.
  2. Optimized Material: These trays are crafted from a premium, biocompatible material that not only guarantees a secure impression but also ensures compatibility with a wide range of impression materials, including alginates, silicones, and polyethers.
  3. Perfect Fit for Any Patient: Available in a range of sizes, these trays accommodate diverse patient needs. Whether dealing with pediatric or adult cases, these Mark3 trays guarantee a snug and comfortable fit, minimizing distortion and ensuring precise bite registration.
  4. Enhanced Stability: The trays feature a reinforced frame that enhances stability and minimizes flexing during the impression-taking process. This design element ensures that your impressions are consistent and free from distortions.
  5. Ease of Use and Versatility: Also, Mark3 Premium Bite Registration Trays are remarkably user-friendly. They come with a non-slip grip handle for ease of manipulation and provide also clear visibility of the bite area. Additionally, their versatility allows for both dual-arch and single-arch impressions, making them suitable for various clinical scenarios.

MARK3 Premium Bite Registration Trays

MARK3 Premium Bite Registration Trays have thin, non-tear mesh featuring superior strength and maximum intercuspation, ensuring an accurate bite. Ergonomic design allows easy handling and tray removal. Also, MARK3 Premium Bite Registration Trays are a cost effective solution with premium quality and functionality. For consistent and accurate impressions, also use MARK3 Premium Bite Registration Trays.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to allow full cusp coverage and compatibility in the mouth
  • Rigid plastic framework
  • Thin, non tear mesh that provides great attachment to the impression material
  • Produce accurate replicas of patient’s teeth and surrounding soft tissue.
  • Dimensionally stable and precise impressions


  • Product: Disposable Bite Registration Trays
  • Manufacturer: MARK3
  • Category: Impression Trays
  • Material: Plastic tray with mesh
  • Quadrant and Anterior contain 35 trays per bag
  • All other variations contain 50 trays per bag


You can find the MARK3 catalog by clicking here: MARK3 Catalogue 

Premium Bite Registration Trays

35/bx Anterior, 50/bx Posterior, 50/bx Sideless Posterior, 50/bx Wide Body Posterior, 35/bx Quadrant

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