Tubli-Seal Root Canal Sealer, 15g/5g bag – Kerr

Tubli-Seal by Kerr is a zinc oxide eugenol root canal sealer.

Includes (1) 15g base, (1) 5g accelerator, (1) mixing pad


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Tubli-Seal Root Canal Sealer, 15g/5g bag by –: Kerr

The Tubli-Seal Root Canal Sealer by Kerr is a cutting-edge dental product design to revolutionize the way root canal procedures are perform. This 15g/5g bag of sealer packs a powerful punch, providing dentists with an exceptional tool for achieving optimal results in root canal treatments. Root canal therapy is a critical dental procedure aimed at saving damag or infect teeth by removing the pulp and sealing the root canal system to prevent further infection. Tubli-Seal is your go-to solution to ensure a successful and long-lasting outcome for your patients.

Key Features:

  1. Exceptional Sealant Properties: Tubli-Seal boasts superior sealing capabilities that ensure an airtight and watertight seal in the root canal system. This property helps prevent reinfection and enhances the longevity of the treat tooth.
  2. Easy Handling and Mixing: The 15g/5g bag provides a convenient and easy-to-use format. Mixing Tubli-Seal is a breeze, allowing for precise and consistent application during root canal procedures.
  3. Radiopacity for Monitoring: Tubli-Seal is radiopaque, making it visible on X-rays. This feature allows for easy monitoring of the sealing process, ensuring that the entire root canal system is effectively filled.
  4. Excellent Flow and Adaptability: Its excellent flow characteristics enable Tubli-Seal to reach even the most intricate and challenging root canal anatomy, ensuring comprehensive coverage and sealing.
  5. Biocompatible and Resistant: Tubli-Seal is biocompatible, reducing the likelihood of allergic reactions or adverse tissue responses. It is also highly resistant to resorption, contributing to the long-term success of root canal treatments.

Zinc Oxide Eugenol Root Canal Sealer

When performing a root canal, your selection of root canal sealer is important to the success of the procedure. Effective obturation of the canal minimizes the chance of recontamination of the root canal system, post-procedure.   Preventing harmful microorganisms from reentering the pulpal space reducing the risk of continu pulpal and periapical disease. Because the core material (i.e., gutta percha) are unable to reach every small space within the root canal system, sealer is requir to fill the space between the dentin and the core material in order to create an effective seal.  Think of it as the gasket that prevents oil from leaking out between the engine block and oil pan.

Tubli-Seal has a brand new delivery system, specially designed to help improve efficiency and workflow in your office.   There is no need to worry about measuring or manually mixing your ingredients anymore. Your staff will love the automixing syringes, as they are easy to use and avoid problems associat with hand mixing sealers. Tubli-Seal is a zinc oxide eugenol root canal sealer with many benefits that are independent of its delivery system.

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